Notes For Creators

notes on creativity and connection

Note: Shy gift


The way of the creative is earthy

The great challenge of all creatives is to marry heaven and earth. Making ideals work in the grit of the daily slog. When I first […]

Note: You are cosmic


Meditation junkie: Mollie Player interviews me in her latest book

Mollie Player has a way of drawing out stories you don’t expect to reveal, insights you didn’t know you had. Check out this in-depth interview […]

Note: Ripple


Do you remember to summon?

When you begin your important work, do you remember to summon? Do you ask for the crackling electricity of your genius to manifest through you […]

Note: It’s private


Steven Pressfield: The amateur gives his power away to others

Have you ever followed a guru or a mentor? I have. I’ve given my power away to lovers and spouses. I’ve sat by the phone. […]

Note: Getting clear


The get-started ritual

In your ruthless quest for efficiency don’t eject what is effective — like I almost did. Do you do this? You come to your work […]